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About Reverse Mortgages

Reverse mortgages are only available for borrower that are 62 or older. They provide the older homeowner with the benefit of staying in their own home but, not having an actual monthly mortgage payment and potentially using the equity in the home into supplemental income. There are pros and cons to all mortgages and a Reverse Mortgage is no different.  



Borrower can receive a monthly or yearly payment from the equity in the home to supplement their income

A Reverse Mortgage is an FHA loan. Due to this, there is FHA MI to cover with the loan

 The Borrower still owns the home and can remain in it as long as they need to

 If the borrower wants more cash/equity available the best option for this is an ARM loan. Fixed rates are also available

 The debt/mortgage is capped and will not exceed market value.  

 Foreclosure can still occur of property taxes, HOA and HOI are not paid as agreed

 The heirs can keep the house and refinance the loan or sell the house to settle the loan and keep any remaining funds. If the home isn't worth enough to cover the loan, no debt will pass to them.

  Borrower must have equity available to utilize the Reverse Mortgage program

The Approval Process

Reverse mortgages are not for every borrower over the age of 62. To help borrowers determine if they want to proceed with a reverse (HECM) mortgage, there is a counseling requirement. Any borrower considering a HECM mortgage must taking counseling before we can proceed. Our FSB LO (Danessa Iversen) will provide them with the loan options available to them. Then the counseling will be required to take place before Danessa can move forward with the borrower. The counseling reviews the pros & cons in conjunction with the borrower's current situation and helps them get the education about the loan program they need to decide if they wish to proceed.

If they do wish to proceed, they provide proof of the counseling to our FSB Loan Officer and Danessa begins the loan disclosure process. The loan proceeds as expected with normal processing, appraisal and title taking place. Closing must occur with a title company familiar with Reverse Mortgages.

 Who To Contact

Our current Reverse Mortgage expert is Danessa Iversen. You can reach her at [email protected] or call her directly at 815-761-1177

Who Gets Paid on a Reverse?

Both the referring LO and Danessa Iversen get paid on a reverse mortgage that closes. The Referring LO is paid their full contracted commission amount when the loan is closed and funded. It will be based on the loan amount. Danessa turns in the information to payroll when the loan is completed to notify who should be getting paid.