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Recently Approved Marketing Ideas

Trick or Treat?

Bedford, IN is all about Treating the Real Estate Agents!  They bagged up treat bags and branded them to their LO's for them to drop off and visit with the agents.  

Ready for a little Christmas Spirit?

Paw Paw Branch is going to do their best to liven up the community with their Holiday Decorating Contest.  Participants must register their home by December 8th.  Decorated homes will be given a yard sign with a number (pictured above) and the LO's will take pictures of all homes on December 9th.  All pictures will be placed on the branch Facebook and voting by the community will start on December 13 and go until December 19th.  The winners for 1st, 2nd and 3rd will be announced on Facebook on December 20th.  Santa will be delivering the prizes to the lucky houses and the prizes include: 1st place will be a "Traveling Trophy" that will get re-used each year and a gift basket full of Christmas Eve treats worth $100, 2nd place is a $75 gift basket of Christmas Eve treats and 3rd place is a $50 gift basket of Christmas Eve goodies.

For any branches that might be interested in this fun community based event, here is the rules and registration form:

Holiday Decorating Official Rules

Registration Form

Think App!

Trying to come up with a way to push our App?  Paw Paw is holding a giveaway that allows the entries to come from anyone who downloads our app and creates an account.  They don't have to apply, although an application counts as 2 entries into the drawing! This campaign will run for 3 weeks and the winner will be drawn on September 6th.

Closing Gifts through the company

Most of our branches have a closing gift that is sent. Here are ideas based on what is happening currently for closing gifts.

Waverly Branch is giving borrowers the 30 oz Big Foot Stainless Steel Vacuum Travel Mug

Classic Home Loans & Paw Paw Branches gift Cheryl's Cookies but instead of giving the gift at the closing table, they send the yummy basket of goodies to the borrower's place of employment. Nothing like conversation starters!

Marketing Policies

Marketing Approval Process

Marketing approval must be completed for EVERY request, even if approved on the projected budget for the year. We use the approvals for tracking and managing the process. Please follow these instructions when a request is needed:

Marketing Request form is now an ONLINE form!!!!  Under the Marketing tab, you will find the NEW Marketing Form to complete!

Business Card Order & Re-Order form - email this form to [email protected]!

Marketing Portal & Other Marketing Tools Links

The link for the marketing portal is: Login – FSB Marketing

This can only be accessed using the Edge browser. This portal will never provide a password. Users must visit the portal and click on Lost Password the first time they visit.

Use this site to order personalized flyers!

OSI - use this site to prepare Open House flyers for your agents and builders!  You can even prepare Refinance comparison flyers for your borrowers.  To request a log in, email [email protected] 

to visit the site follow this link:  OSI Home Page

Mortgage Tidbits

The documents are left in Word format which allows the LO to add their information and picture to the flyer. The flyers are designed for Real Estate Agent Marketing, but may be used to assist consumers, as needed to help educate, too. We do ask that the information contained in the flyer is not adjusted. If you feel the information is not accurate, for some reason, contact Mortgage Support and they will research and determine if a change is warranted. The doc will not open right away, you must save it first and then it will open for you!

Credit Report Mistakes

Credit Myths & Facts

Deal Killer Lists

How Important is Owners Title Insurance

Max Seller Contribution Chart

Mortgage Fraud

Mortgage Insurance

Negative Credit - When are you ready?

Second Home or Investment Property

Gifts & Gifts of Equity

Understanding Foreclosure Redemption Periods

Conventional Acceptable & Unacceptable Cash Reserves

FHA Gift Funds - Who Can Gift?

Conventional Appraisal Waiver

APR vs Interest Rate

Investment Property

Manufactured Homes

Community Property State

FHA Excluded Debts


Borrower's In Forbearance

Derogatory Waiting Periods

Do's & Don'ts Before Closing

Escrow Holdback for Repairs

Exemptions from VA Funding Fee

FHA & Interested Party Contributions

FHA Gift Funds Documentation

FHA Gift Funds - Who can Gift

FHA Inspections

FHA Manual Underwrite

USDA Highlights - added 8/27/2021

USDA Non-Traditional Tradelines - added 8/27/2021

USDA Compensating Factors & DTI - added 10/20/21

Lunch & Learn Presentations

Reminder: These are for Real Estate Agents and other real estate professionals. Only when noted is a flyer for use with consumers.

Lunch & Learn Presentations

These are ready to use presentations for Realtors and Consumers. These could easily be completed using Microsoft Teams, too! As always, prior to actual use, all materials should be reviewed for updated information that may be needed AND for compliance approval!

Lunch & Learn #1 - Assisting Divorced or Separated Clients

Presentation (power point) - Assisting Divorced & Separated Clients

Script - Assisting Divorced & Separated Clients

Reference material - (Not for Distribution)

All Agency Divorce Related Topics Comparison

Lunch & Learn #2 - Credit Issues - Fact vs Fiction

Presentation - Credit Issues - Fact vs Fiction

Script - Credit Issues - Fact vs Fiction

Reference Material - (Not for Distribution)

Agency Lien, Judgment & Tax Matrix

Derogatory Waiting Periods

Federal Tax Agreement

MTP - Consumer Guide to Freeze Credit (can be distributed to Agents)

MTP - Credit Myth vs Credit Fact (can be distributed to Agents)

MTP - Credit Report mistakes (can be distributed to Agents)

MTP - Credit Issues - Am I Ready to Buy? (can be distributed to Agents)

Lunch & Learn #3
- Gifts & Gifts of Equity

Presentation - Gifts & Gifts of Equity

Script - Gifts & Gifts of Equity

Reference Material - (Not for Distribution)

Agency Comparison Gift Funds & Gift of Equity

Interested Party Contributions

MTP - Gifts (can be distributed to Agents)

Lunch & Learn #4
- Solutions for Clients with Student Loan Debt

Presentation - Solutions for Clients with Student Loan Debt

Script - Solutions for Clients with Student Loan Debt

Reference Material - (Not for Distribution)

Debts Paid By Others

Student Loan Repayment - All Agencies

Lunch & Learn #5
- Top 20 Questions before buying a home (geared to consumers!)

Presentation - Top 20 Questions buying a home

Script - Top 20 Questions buying a home

Reference Material - (Not for Distribution)

How to Host a Great Home buyer Seminar

Homebuyer decision worksheet

Lunch & Learn #6
- Top 20 Questions for First Time Homebuyers (geared to consumers!)

Presentation - Top 20 Questions for First Time Homebuyers

Script - Top 20 Questions for First Time Homebuyers

Reference Material - (Not for Distribution)

CFPB Credit Review Checklist

How to Host a Great Homebuyer Seminar