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Retail Forms for use with Borrower - these forms have been left as word documents to allow for customization of the documents to meet the loan needs. If you are a branch that uses your logo, feel free to update the information accordingly!

Government Loan Docs - New Construction

New Construction Document Checklist-updated October 2020

USDA New Construction​ Docs

Plan Certification-USDA Form RD 1924-25

FHA & VA New Construction Docs

Builders Certificate-form 92541

Warranty of Completion of Construction-HUD form 92544-A/VA form 26-1859

Builder Cabo and Lead Water Cert

Termite Protection-Form NPMA 99a

Termite Protection-Form NPMA 99b

(both forms must be submitted)

VA Not Inspected Acknowledgment-for New Construction Form  

Useful Charts & Calculators

The charts provided are to be used as reference material. It is possible overlays exist that will adjust the information contained in the charts with our investors.  

Document Library is to the left side of the page! 

This page is to be used as a resource for anything that may be needed to close loans.

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 Mortgage Cliff Notes - easy instructions for several topics

 Useful Charts & Calculators - Left side

Mortgagee Clause & Agency ID #'s

Mortgagee Clause

Flanagan State Bank


333 Chicago Road

PO Box 302

Paw Paw, IL 61353

Always include the Loan Number!

Agency ID #'s

FHA ID: 2760600034

*please note this has been updated to be different for each branch, inquire with your sales manager about the correct ID*

VA ID: 7095710000

Tax ID: 37-0276830

FHMLC Seller ID: 129359

Scenarios & Income Review

Pre-qualification Reviews

Mortgage Support can review ANY potential loan file.

Pre-qualification Request Form

Send an email to us with the complete 1003, credit report and AUS findings. Any additional information that is important to the review should also be sent with your email. We will review the information and provide you with a written prequal to assist you with discussions you have with your borrower.

Income Reviews -  Income Calculation Request Form

Mortgage Support will review ANY income situation to help determine the income that will be used for Qualifying or Annual income if USDA. Please send us the income documentation as it pertains to the borrower's situation.

Self Employed Borrowers (file Sch C, Sch E, or Sch F) - provide all pages of personal tax returns for the most recent 2 years. If a Sch E shows K-1 income/loss, provide the K-1's and business returns for the most recent 2 years.

*Please see the Retail Memo on 2/7/2022 for the most up to date Conventional Self-Employment Guidelines*

Wage Earner Borrowers - each situation is different but we do like to have paystubs, W-2's and an idea of the situation, please. It is very helpful to get a VOE, if available.   

FHLB Grant Process

Mortgage Support reviews & submits the grant requests to FHLB. The request from the LO for this grant should be made early in the loan process but after disclosing to the borrower.  

2022 Required Grant Forms:

Household Member Questionnaire - one per borrower/household member (must be signed)

Income Calculation Workbook- must include VOE or paystubs used to complete. If VOE, at least 1 paystub must be included. Award letters required if this is the income source. Self employed borrowers to provide 2 years tax returns and current YTD P&L. 

Certification of Tip Income - when applicable

Certification of Zero Income - when an applicant does not have any income to verify

All docs should be labeled according to the Reservation Document Checklist. Please include this checklist with your request and the required documents.  

If purchasing a 2-unit property, a lease agreement or appraisal with market value rents will be needed for submission.

Homebuyer Education to be completed through Framework or eHomeAmerica only. Please include cost of Homebuyer Education on the Loan Estimate to allow for reimbursement at closing to borrower. Click here for DPP Homebuyer Education & Counseling link.  

IBTS Order Process

Effective 4/1/2019, all IBTS orders for Manufactured home certifications will be requested through Mortgage Support. To request your order, please use the order form below and send your request to Mortgage Support. Don't forget to disclose or re-disclose for this cost!

Mortgage Cliff Notes