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Current Turn Times

New USDA Submissions                     Currently working on files from     5/05/2021

New FHA Submissions                        Currently working on files from     5/06/2021

New Conventional Submissions         Currently working on files from    5/05/2021

New VA Submissions                           Currently working on files from    5/07/2021

Resubmitted USDA Files                      Currently working on files from     5/04/2021

Resubmitted FHA Files                         Currently working on files from     5/06/2021

Resubmitted Conventional Files          Currently working on files from    5/05/2021

Resubmitted VA Files                            Currently working on files from     5/07/2021

USDA Commitment Turn Times             Currently working on files from   5/05/2021

Important IT Information

IT Support

[email protected]


Ext 111

Please use for ANY IT related issues. IT issues do not equate to password resets except on Office 360. Mortgage Support will assist with all other password resets, DU/LP assistance, Doc Magic, etc...

Who to Reach Out to For Help (cheat sheet)

FSB Home Loan App

This App may be titled according to your Branch Name or the DBA your branch is using. Either way, it is the same App. To learn how to use this app, here is a training to watch:

If you are a new branch, please get with your Sales Manager on the details for using the App and the costs that will be applicable for your branch.

Simple Nexus Training Series

Denial/Withdrawal Process

Not sure if you should deny, withdraw or archive? This Cheat Sheet will help you know!

When a file needs to be denied, please fill out this denial form and upload it to the file. Quick & easy!

If the loan will be denied/withdrawn and has been DISCLOSED but NOT UNDERWRITTEN, follow these steps:

  1. 1003 is to be completed in full. Borrowers names, SS number, current address, subject property city/state/zip and TBD address(if one is not available).
  2. Complete the Loan Summary information at the bottom of the Borrower Summary Page. Enter the loan terms to the best of your knowledge, including product type.
  3. Fill in the income on every borrower
  4. Fill in your declarations on every borrower
  5. Complete the Government monitoring section for each borrower. Double check that how the app was taken is completed for all
  6. Add in the notes section of the file "It is the borrower's intent to apply for joint credit" when you have an application with more than one borrower on it.
  7. 7. Upload to Imageflow the credit report, AUS findings and any information that clarifies why the loan is being denied or withdrawn.
  8. 8. Email [email protected] to request the completion of the denial or withdrawal

If the loan does not meet our matrix but has not been disclosed, the file must be denied. Follow the same procedure as above!

If the loan meets our matrix/requirements and is considered a prequal but the borrower will not be proceeding - the file can be archived.

If the loan HAS been UNDERWRITTEN and the file must be denied or withdrawn, follow these steps:

  1. Upload the documentation that led to the decision to deny or withdraw.
  2. Upload a note to the UW identifying the reasons for the decision
  3. Final the file or direct your processor to final the file back to underwriting
  4. The underwriter will finish the process of denying or withdrawing the file

Marketing Approval

Marketing approval must be completed for EVERY request, even if approved on the projected budget for the year. We use the approvals for tracking and managing the process. Please follow these instructions when a request is needed:

All requests are to be emailed to [email protected] 

Important Emails

Computer Issues

[email protected]

Help Desk/Support

[email protected]

Lock Desk/Secondary Questions

[email protected]

Compliance Condition Questions

[email protected]

Underwriting Questions

[email protected]

Closing Department

[email protected]


[email protected]

Rush requests

[email protected]

Request For Disclosures/Re-Disclosures

[email protected]

Request for Updated ICD

contact your processor and provide them with a COC - ICD Request for the changes!

Lock Desk & Secondary Pricing Policies

Pricing Policies

      Retail Pricing Policies

Knowing Your MSA and pricing to it

      MSA Chart - All FSB Areas - currently working on COVID 19 MSA. Contact your Regional Sales Manager for other areas, as needed

      Working in Other MSA Areas

Daily Rates & Rate Sheets

Other Secondary Policies