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2022 ATR/QM Allowed Fees

Instructions for Ordering Initial Disclosures

The steps for Initial Disclosures are as follows:

Note: requests for Initial Disclosures should be made prior to the 3rd day!

1. Complete the 1003 IN FULL - all sections are to be completed with no blank sections.**  

- Employment must have 2 full years and have all employer information completed

- Residence history must have 2 full years and have all borrower information completed

- Asset section must be completed with correct information and IF using bank accounts, the bank must    be identified at a minimum.

**If the docs will be a wet sign - do not enter in an email address for the borrower(s).

** If docs will be e-sign - make sure all borrowers have an email address entered!

2. Check credit report to double check for accurate DOB & SSN

3. Upload credit report, AUS, MI Quote (If Conv loan) & Purchase contract (if a purchase loan) to Imageflow

4. Enter all fees to be disclosed on the Loan Estimate entering your own figures. 

- If loan amount has changed during loan programming, use the recalculate button to ensure fees tied to the loan amount are updated.

- Pre-Paids and Escrow section should be completed

      ~ Purchases should have 1 year HOI Premium in Pre-Paids

      ~ Taxes and HOI should have at least 2 months listed for the escrows

      ~ Monthly mortgage Insurance(if applicable) should have 1 month for escrows

- Service Provider List must be completed for all Title Fees

- Do not click the disclose button

-Other section will be where inspection fees will be listed

5. Register the loan         

- The Registration/Lock Screen should always match the system.

      ~ If a conventional loan is over 80% LTV the Registration/Lock screen should be updated to show the MI amount

      ~ MI Quote should be ran through Mortgagebot so that the monthly amount carries through the 1003

     ~ MI Quote should be uploaded to Image Flow

6. Enter any applicable credits on the 1003 in the Details of Transaction section

7. Click FINAL to send the trigger to the disclosure team for review and sending out to borrower.

8. Docs will be sent out within 24 hours, if not sooner. Please watch for the link as this also advises you on when the borrower's receive the link. Note: check reports that are sent out every morning to help determine if your borrower has signed or not.

Re-Disclosure Instructions

To Re-disclose a loan, please follow these instructions:

1. Complete a COC (found on the right side of this page under Forms) in full. Outline any and all applicable changes and fees

2. Send the COC form to your processor!  They will then move the file accordingly to the appropriate department for completion of the re-disclosures.

3. Allow for a 24 hour period for the re-disclosure packet to be prepped and delivered to the borrower.

4. The Disclosure Team will handle the disclosures when they are ready and upload to the file.

Initial CD(ICD) 

To request the Initial CD, please follow these instructions

Before the ICD can be requested, these tasks must be done...

1. Loan must have all compliance conditions ready to be cleared or cleared

2. All invoices for fees are in Imageflow and processing has updated the LE to match invoices

3. If a change occurs on the loan at the time of ICD, use the COC-ICD form to notify of any changes that need to be included on the ICD.  This form is to be sent to your processor!

When ICD has been sent to LO/LOA:

1. LO/LOA to get ICD sent out via Doc Magic or signed with a Wet Sign signature

2. Signed ICD can be uploaded to Imageflow when completed.  Email to your processor for uploading.

Important Forms

BIP Cover Sheet - general form - check with your Branch Manager for specific branch version

COC-Redisclosure Request

COC-ICD Request

Closing Request Form

Important Updates

How to Know When Disclosures are Ready!

Use Mortgagebot Status' to know when to take your next step! Click Here for a complete list of status' and their meanings.



U/W Modified w/Conditions

The Operations Compliance Team (OCT) will mark this status when the Initial Disclosures have been sent to LO/LOA for wet signing by the borrower

Pending Second Review

Initial Disclosures have been sent e-sign to the borrowers

 Ready for Docs

  This status notifies the Compliance Team (OCT) that the file is ready for the Initial CD to be completed or Re-disclosures are being requested on the file. This status will allow the file to continue on to underwriting for PTC conditions to be reviewed